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I really blew my future career when I made an amateur porn movie at university. At the time, we were all really desperate for money, and were trying to think of different ways to make money. One of the guys who were on the same law course as me, came up with a great idea to make a porn movie. It seemed like a good idea, and I was really into the adult entertainment industry as I was working for Brixton escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/brixton-escorts at the time. A bit of extra money was always handy, and I liked the fact that I would be making the movie with friends.


It was all a bit silly really because I was making enough money working for Brixton escorts, but I got greedy. None of my friends at university knew that I was working for Brixton escorts, and I wanted to keep it that way. After all, who would trust a lawyer who used to work for a Brixton escorts service? This was before the time of porn on the Internet, and we were intending to sell the movie to a local porn producer in Brixton. He was going to add it to a series called Horny Students and sell it on.


We did make the movie, and it was actually rather good. I let some of my friends at Brixton escorts see it and they thought it was almost professional. Unfortunately, I ended up being rather proud of the movie, so I gave it to a couple of my dates at Brixton escorts. That was the worst thing that I could have done as many of them kept it, and when free Internet porn came along, one of the uploaded onto the Internet. Now, I know it was a really stupid thing to do, but then I did not think twice about it.


Once I finished my course and qualified as a lawyer, I started to work for a posh Brixton office. By then, I did not need my earnings from Brixton escorts any more so I had given that up. One of the QC’s who used to drop into the office fancied me like mad, so we started to go out. He was part of a really well known chamber in Brixton, and was probably earning a million plus per year. I was proud of my posh new boyfriend, and forgot all about the porn movie and Brixton escorts.


One day, my boyfriend came flying in through my apartment door, and said that he was furious with me. It turned out that one of his friends had found the porn movie of me on the Internet. He was really embarrassed and broke of our relationship right away. I was completely heart broken but I realized that it was my own fault. It is not a good idea to work for Brixton escorts and make a porn movie when you want to get on in the legal world. Let’s put it this way, that day I lost the love of my life and my career.

Mike Grey