What is their problem?

When I first came out and told my friends at London escorts that I am bisexual, they did not make such a big deal out of it. Most of the girls I work with at the most affordable and quality charlotte London escorts agency are very open minded and don’t make a big deal out of people’s sexuality. Things were different away from London escorts, and most of my other friends did not seem to take it too well.

After having told my friends at charlotte London escorts that I was bisexual, I decided to tell my friends back home. I sort of wanted it over and done with in one weekend. The little village I grew up in the quiet Hampshire countryside normally react kind of differently to news like mine. I keep on wondering how they would react to find out that I work for a  charlotte London escorts service.

The girls from my old school were really shocked when they found out that I was bisexual. It seemed to take me ages to explain to them that I was genuine about being bisexual. They thought it was just something that happened to others and not the sort of thing that could possibly happen to one of their own. If I would have told them I worked for London escorts. I could have sworn that they would have dropped dead at that point. London escorts is certainly something that they would not be able to take in.

Do I regret leaving my little Hampshire village and moving to London? I don’t regret that at all. After my parents died I did feel like I wanted to move on and do something different. I sold our rather large family village home, and bought myself a little cottage instead. Since then I have come back to visit when I have had time off from London escorts. It does not really feel like I belong in the village anymore, but I do like the peace and quiet I get from visiting. When I go back to London and London escorts, it feels like my batteries have been recharged.

Yes, I am disappointed that my friends would not accept my lifestyle, but I guess that they may even come around to finding out that being bisexual is not so bad after all. I am still the same person I used to be when I lived in the village. Sure, working for London escorts is rather a special and unique lifestyle choice, and I really don’t know how I am going to be able to explain that to my friends. It may have to be one o those things that happens in London, and stays in London. I don’t think that my more rural friends would be able to handle that at all. It would in their eyes be a step to far in the wrong direction, and I am pretty sure that it would be around the village in no time at all. I don’t mind a little bit of village gossip, but I would hate to be the source of it.

Mike Grey