Should we have sex on our periods

I always get really horny when I am on my period and feel that I want to have sex with my boyfriend. My friends at London escorts say that it is bad for you to have sex on your period but I am not so sure about that. You read so much stuff on the Internet and I am not sure that you should believe everything that you read. If you were to do that, it would probably send you totally nuts.

My mum says that you should not have sex on your period as it can cause a thrush infection. I know that the PH value changes in your vagina changes around this time so I suppose that it is one of the reasons you should not have sex when on your period. One of the girls here at the London escorts service that I work says that it can give you an STD, but none of the other London escorts seem to agree with that statement. I must admit that it seems a bit for fetched to be true.

I know when you have your period your uterus sort of cleanses itself, and there is a theory that you should not interfere with the process. That can be true, but I know several London escorts who do have sex when on their period. Most of them do not have sex when they have heavy days, just days when they have a lighter flow. Just like me, there are a couple of girls at London escorts who feel really horny when they are on their period and they really feel they need to have sex.

One thing all London escorts is that an orgasm can help to deal with menstrual cramps. But of course, you don’t need to have sex to achieve that. You can play with a vibrator and give you a clitorial orgasm to make yourself feel better. A couple of the girls here at London escorts do that and say that they feel a lot better afterwards. I have been meaning to do that myself and it will be interesting to see if a bit of self satisfaction will work for my menstrual cramps.

Like many other girls I get a bit grumpy when I am on my period. I feel blue and awful. Having sex gives you a certain closeness and can make you feel better about yourself. Perhaps that is another reason why I have a need to have sex when I am on my period. All in all, I think it could be better to refrain from sex when you are on your period. In many cultures, it is taboo for you to have sex when you are menstruating. Maybe they have got the right idea. I don’t know, I am sure this is a topic which will be discussed at many London escorts services for years to come. Funnily enough, some guys get turned on when they have sex with a girl who is having her period. It is apparently a bit like deflowering a virgin I understand.

Mike Grey