Sex In London Black Cabs

What turns you on? Is it doing something a little bit naughty? I can’t help it, but I love doing something a little bit naughty with someone, or even on my own. You may think I am a little bit kinky, but in reality, I am not any different than other girls from London escorts. It would honestly be fair to say that most London escorts are somewhat kinky when it comes down to it. We all have our little interesting perversions if you know what I mean. Personally, I have this thing about having sex in the back of London cabs. Not all of my boyfriends are comfortable with it, but there are those that seem to get a kick out of it as much as I do.

I know that it is actually super naughty, but most drivers are happy when I give them a good tip. As a matter of fact, you be surprised what charlotte action escorts get up to in the back of black cabs in London. Mind you, I swear that some cabbies in London get turned on by picking up London escorts. They even seem to know what bars and pubs we are going to come out of at the end of the night.

Most London escorts have their regular hangouts which they like to visit before they go home for the night. When you have a few years experience of being a cabby in London, it is probably not too hard to spot a girl from a London escorts service. Do we ever give anything away for free to London’s black drivers? You never know your luck…I have many fond memories spent in the back of London’s black cabs. One of my ex-boyfriends who I have met just after having got involved with London escorts certainly used love his hand jobs in the back of the cab.

We used to put this blanket around us, and I used to gently nurse his big dick out of his pants. His favorite thing was to keep a completely straight face while I wanked him off. He was pretty good at it, but I good feel that massive dick of his throbbing when he was about to come. It really used to turn me on. I once met this guy who was really into playing cherry pie. His favorite thing was to sneak his fingers up my hot wet pussy and finger me off. He used to pick me up when I had finished for the night at London escorts.

Some may not say that it was such a massive turn on, but I never knew when he was going to turn up. I think it was the not knowing when he was going to turn up which got to me more than anything. Our little personal moments in the back of the cab used to really get me going. But one day, my finger specialist as I used to call him, did not turn up anymore. Do I miss him? You bet that I do… I wonder who he is playing with now.

Mike Grey