Marks and Spencer vs McDonalds

Are you too busy to prepare your own lunch? When you are too busy to prepare your own lunch, you may catch lunch on the run as I like to call it. The question is, are all lunch options good for you? One of the girls here at Eve escorts is really into healthy living and she checked out some of the lunch options which are available on the high street today, and what she found out was rather surprising.

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If you live in London, you will know that there are all sorts of places where you can pop into to pick up a lunch deal or a snack. Sandwiches are very popular and some stores like Boots, have put together a lunch deal. You get a sandwich, drink, crisps and perhaps something else as well. When I am on my way into London escorts, I often like to stop off and pick up one of the meal deals which are available from a store like Marks and Spencer.

My friend at London escorts who checked out all of these meal deals, found to her surprise that most of them are not very healthy at all. Some of them, even contain more calories than having a hamburger and diet drink from McDonald. I was totally taken back, and it turned out that my socalled healthy lunch pack I pick up from Boots or Marks and Spencer, contains more than 1000 calories. I have dropped the habit and make my own lunch now instead.

Not only are these so called meal deals loaded with calories, but they are packed with sugar and salt as well. Even a burger from McDonalds contain less sugar and salt than a sandwich from a store. It turned out that my daily sandwich contained my entire salt allowance and I could not believe that neither. I think that a lot of people are being misled. The stores that sell all of these meal deals should explain what they contain so much better but I am not sure that they are interested in what they sell.
Now when I go around London, or go to work at London escorts, I make sure that I get something healthy instead. Getting hold of fruit is sometimes tough, but I have started to make sure that I buy plenty of fruit when I have day off from the escort agency in London. I was actually rather angry about this, and wrote to the program Rip Off Britain. They liked the idea and now I am going to be on the program, and talk about Sandwich culture in England. My London escorts boss thinks it is funny and cannot wait to see one of his favorite London escorts on the TV. Maybe it will be the start of something new for me.

Mike Grey