Is making a commitment for you?

If you really would like to get something out of your relationship, you need to start thinking about making a personal commitment to that person. Long term relationships are all about making personal commitments. But, do we really understand what a personal commitment means? It could mean that you have to make some personal sacrifices to keep that relationship going. Are you prepared to do that? I gave up dating Tottenham Court Road escorts of in the end as I had met the right person for me.


It took me some time to appreciate what really makes a relationship tick. When I met Alena for the first I felt that there was something special about her. Up until then I had been rather a commitment phobic and tried to stay away from permanent relationships. Yes, I had been dating the sexy vixens at Tottenham Court Road escorts, but all of a sudden I felt different about them. I was actually ready to commit.


If you like, I guess you can say that giving up dating Tottenham Court Road escorts was making a personal sacrifice. I have never told Alena that I have been into dating escorts in London, but in my own mind, I know that I have made a commitment to her buy giving up on dating escorts. Has she given up on something for me? She certainly has and as a matter of fact, she was the first one to give up something that our relationship could work. That was then I realised I had to give up something as well.


Even if you are not dating Tottenham Court Road escorts, there may be something else that you have to give up to make your relationship. If you work long hours and are still going out with your best friends on a Friday night, you may just have to start going out a little bit less. It could mean going out with your friends every other week instead of going out with them every week. Taking your partner for a pizza may all of a sudden become a lot more important.


Will a firm commitment always make a relationship work? There is no firm guarantee that it is going to make the relationship work, however, the truth is that you will have much more of a chance making it work. It all depends on how much you want the relationship to work, and if you truly want to spend time with that person. Yes, I had enjoyed my time dating Tottenham Court Road escorts, but the moment I met Alena, I just knew that it was time for me to move on. She was the one, and after two years together, we have made a firm commitment to each other and bought an apartment. It was a bit scary at first, but now I really enjoy our time together, and I feel settled for the first time in my life. It is a good feeling, and my life has truly changed for the better.



Mike Grey