How to treat your favorite escort right

I do love my girls at London’s petite escorts services. The girls are not only fun to spend time with, but they are the sexiest companions you can find in London. Sure, I do have a thing about petite escorts, but I cannot really see what the problem is when it comes to dating petite girls in London. We all have the right to enjoy certain pleasures and I cannot understand why some guys think I am a pervert because I enjoy dating petites.

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If you are into dating petite escorts in London, I am pretty sure that you are only too aware how important it is to keep your favorite petite girl happy. I know a couple of gents who are really into dating petite girls in London and they treat them like little kids. You must not do that. It does not matter what role play scenarios you have going on with your petite girl, but you must still treat her like an adult woman once all of the fun is over.

One of my friends used to buy his petite escort in London balloons. Needless to say it did not go down well. I have been dating petite escorts in London for some time now, and that is not how I have treated any of the girls that I have met at the escort agency that I use in London. In fact, I have always treated the girls like real ladies and from what I can tell, all of the girls I know appreciate that.

I am sure that there are plenty of guys out there who date”normal” escorts in London if you like. If you are not sure how you should treat your escort, perhaps you should ask a gentleman who has a little bit more experience of dating petite escorts. I love to treat my petite girls right so I buy them lots of presents like flowers, chocolates and even special gifts for my favorite escort. Just because your girl is petite, there is no need to buy her a teddy bear.

So far, I have not met any petite escorts who are childish. Sure, they may be a lot smaller than other London escorts you may come across, but they are still adults. I think that you should bear that in mind next time you call your favorite petite escort service in London. You may be driven by an instinct to buy her a cuddly toy, but hold that thought for a moment and pop down to the florist instead. I am pretty sure that she would appreciate that ten times more than actually you bringing her a cuddly toy. By now, she is probably getting rather fed up with all of those cuddly toys gentlemen keep bringing to her, and don’t be surprised to find them all down at the local charity shop. Buy her something nice that she can keep and make sure it is something an adult woman would appreciate.

Mike Grey