Hip Croydon

Have you ever wondered why you can now date London escorts in Croydon? As we all know, living in and working in central London, is outrageously expensive. Many business owners have realised that there are simply paying too much for rents and rates in central London. Needless to say, that goes for London escorts agencies as well. Instead of having an office in places like Belgravia and Mayfair, many escort agencies are now mowing out to Croydon.

It is certainly cheaper to run a London escorts agency in Croydon. In some parts of Croydon, commercial rates are half of what they are in central London. Even well-established London escorts agencies have started to move out to Croydon. As the vast majority of escort agencies in London offer outcall escorts service in croydon covering all of London, having a permanent office in Croydon is not a problem. Most escorts work from home or have boudoirs in parts of London. All you have to do to set up a date with an escort, is to call the escort agency of your choice. You will then be directed to the girl or she will come to see you. You can say that London escort agencies lead the way when it comes to the new way of working.

Of course, there are other advantages for London escorts agencies when it comes to operating from Croydon. The owners of London escorts agencies are not affected by over the top parking charges and public transport costs. As Croydon is very much less congested, it is also easier to move around Croydon. Instead of having to worry about talking the Tube, you can simply drive into your office. Most offices and commercial parks in Croydon offer free parking which is a huge advantage. Just another reason why you see so many businesses and London escorts agencies move out to Croydon.

Is there more business in Croydon than in central London? This is another good question. Take a close look at the map of London, and you will see that Gatwick airport is close to Croydon. You can reach Croydon much faster from Gatwick than you can reach central London from Heathrow. This is another advantage for London escorts agencies operating in Croydon. The clients who like to date London escorts are often businessmen. As so many business have moved out of central London, businessmen now travel to Croydon to do business instead.

How much does it cost to date London escorts in Croydon? Thanks to lower operating costs, London escort agencies operating in Croydon, have been able to lower their prices. Cheap London escorts services were virtually unheard of until a few years ago. The concept of cheap escorts in London coincides with many escort agencies moving out of central London. Do you have a business in central London? Maybe you should consider relocating to Croydon. After all, it is beginning to sound very much like Croydon is the new centre of London.

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Mike Grey