Having Sex While Menstruating Has Its Pros And Cons

When you are on your period, the urge of having sex might bombard your body, but is it a good idea to jump right into to the act with your man during these particular days? This seems to be the million dollar question of a lot of women around the globe. As you might already be well-aware, the first few days most females bleed a lot and thus discomfort is present. The abundant flow of blood begins to become less and less as the days go by. If you opt to have sex during your heavy flow days, the whole act will be very messy. Do you really want the bed sheets to get stained by your blood and your man’s penis to have blood all over it? If these things don’t matter to you or him, go for it. Most men will go for it, as most of them often think with their penis and not with their brain when they are in the mood of getting down to business with their woman. There are a couple of men who would be a bit grossed out but wouldn’t reject the idea if there was a condom involved. Having a condom involved makes everything safer, as it is known that infections and sexually transmitted diseases can be attained much more easily when a woman is her period because it is a time when the cervix opens to permit blood to pass through and thus creating the perfect pathway for the forming of bacteria to take place inside the pelvic cavity. Since a vagina’s pH during the period is less acidic, a woman can easily develop yeast or bacterial infections. On the other hand, opting to have sex while you are menstruating can help ease the symptoms of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. There are some women who have stated that the orgasmic contractions that take place in the uterus while they are menstruating offer a soothing internal massage and thus alleviating their cramps. Orgasms release endorphins, which are mood enhancers and natural painkillers. They can help soothe irritability, mild depression, cramps, and headaches that are associated with menstruation. As you can conclude, having sex while you are on your period is a personal choice. Remember, most men are always up to anything when it comes to sex, so the ball is in your court. Just remember to play it safe by utilizing a condom. It is always better to prevent than lament.

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Mike Grey