Fatal Attraction in London

Finding love online is becoming more and more popular, and many of us are resorting to looking for our ideal partner online. It is okay, but I do think that you have to be careful at the same time. One of the girls I know very well at Kings Cross escorts ended up being robbed on a date by a guy that she met on a dating site in London. By the sounds of it, it was not the first time he had robbed a girl on a dating site.

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Some guys patrol these sites to see what they can get out of them. They have fake profiles, and to be fair to the sites, it can be really hard to spot a fake profile. These guys are so good at setting them up that you would never think it is a fake profile. They may even establish email accounts, Twitter feeds and facebook pages to make themselves seem more genuine. My friend from Kings Cross escorts was convinced that this guy was genuine, but he was far from genuine.

I am not sure how you are going to be able to stop fake accounts on dating sites, and I think it is up to you to take certain precautions. Don’t do what my friend from Kings Cross escorts did and go on a date on your own, or agree to meet the guy in the street. My friend met her guy in a side street and before she knew it, her handbag and nice watch was gone. It only took about 30 seconds and the guy had made off with her designer watch and all of her cash.

The other thing that you should not do is to pose with all of the nice stuff that you have got. If you have got a designer watch, don’t show it off on your dating profile. Before you know it, your date could have made away with your nice watch just like what happened to my friend from King Cross escorts and you will be stood there waiting for the police to turn up. Believe me, they don’t care about your watch and you will only be given a crime number.

I keep wondering about these girls who just disappear. Over the weekend I was reading about a girl who had just disappeared. She had been a member of several dating on the Internet, and although the police did not have any proof that a date had snatched her, they were a bit suspicious. It turned out that many of the accounts which had contacted her were fake, and after having read that, I am sure that there are plenty of predators who use dating sites. When I last spoke to my friend from King Cross escorts, she was still in shock. I don’t think that I will try online dating services and you never know who you are going to end up meeting. It could easily be a case of fatal attraction.

Mike Grey