Do I need enhancement surgery to become an escort?

Many girls who would like to become escorts think that they need to have enhancement surgery to become escorts. I have just interviewed girls for, and almost all of the girls thought that they needed to have enhancement surgery to join our escort agency. Enhancement surgery may be very popular with celebrities but it is not always the right thing to do. I think that you an easily end up looking very artificial.

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Some of the girls at Holborn escorts have had enhancement surgery, but they are not the most popular escorts at the escort agency. The girls who date the most at the agency are the girls who have not had any enhancements at all. The gentlemen who use the escorts agency are rather sophisticated themselves and they seem to prefer natural looking girls at all time. I would advice any girl who is thinking about having surgery to join an escort agency to think twice.

Before I started to escort, I thought that a lot of escorts had enhancements, but when I got to know the girls at Holborn escorts, I soon realised that most of the girls were natural. A lot of girls who go into escorting are just naturally busty and it is all too easy to assume that they boobs are fake. Since I have been with the escort agency in Holborn I have not had any complaints about my looks at all, and I would not consider having surgery at all.

It may be tempting for some ladies to have surgery, but in general I would not promote or recommend that you have surgery. Some enhancement surgery procedures can cause a lot of skin problems, and I think defeats the object. I am sure that most plastic surgeons in and around London do not inform their clients of the long term side effects of plastic surgery. I am always aware that plastic surgery, or enhancement surgery, is a big sale. If one of my colleagues at Holborn escorts has asked me if she should have surgery, I have always said that I don’t think it is such a good idea.

At the end of the day, it is up to you if you think that you need to have surgery. You can spend a lot of money on surgery and still not get the results that you want. I know that it can be tempting to try surgery to make a few minor enhancements. However, you need to ask yourself how long the results will last. Not all enhancement surgery results are long lasting, and it could be better to not get started in the first the place. At least that is what I tell my friends here at Holborn escorts, and the rule that I live by myself as well. I am sure that you can find better things to spend your money on at the end of the day. Personally I would rather spend my money on some good quality skin cream instead of enhancement surgery.

Mike Grey